Maré Baza

Welcome to Maré Baza – a place for everyone.
For friends, boyfriends, cousins, married, parents and children; and for doctors, non-doctors, half doctors, artists, sportspeople, tourists and the rest – it’s for everyone! it’s where friendship happens, and joy, togetherness and hugs are free and never run out.
Maré Baza is also a place for everything. For coffee or digestive, for the night of drinks, for beer, lupines and football; and for live music, themed nights, barbecues, Carnival, New Year’s Eve… And again the joy, friendship and even marriage proposals.
Here happiness is not mandatory, but it is inevitable.
And that’s it, Maré Baza – a place where you just want to be.


Av. Visconde. de São Januário 4


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